Our Favorite Episodes

Beginner Friendly

Episode 90: Revised Core - Beginner Special
The perfect jumping in point for beginners.

Episode 91: Q&A - Beginner Special
We have a Q&A where we answer new players' questions.

Episode 72: Building a Better Deck w/ Ben Ni (beyoken)
We talk with Ben Ni about building better decks.

Favourite Interviews

Episode 30: How We Build It w/ Quintin Smith and Leigh Alexander
We chat with Quinns and Leigh from Shut Up and Sit Down about deck building.

Episode 87: MWL and Core 2.0 w/ Michael Boggs
We chat with the current Lead Designer of Netrunner about big recent changes to the game.

RLC@Worlds 2016 - FFG Chats: Lore w/ Katrina Ostrander and Dan Clark
We talk Netrunner lore with the lovely Dan and Katrina

RLC@Worlds 2016 - Episode 5: Interview w/ Dan D'Argenio and John Treviranus
We sit down with Dan and John and talk about what makes then great competitive players.

Game Design

Episode 94: Playtesting and Games Design w/ Dead Channel
We team up with the Dead Channel podcast to talk about Chris Dyer's experience with games, design and playtesting.

Episode 73: On Game Design w/ Damon Stone
We talk with former lead designer of Netrunner Damon Stone about his thoughts on Game Design.


Episode 96: Netrunner and Representation w/ Damon Stone
We talk about Netrunner and the importance of representation of non-white people in media.

Episode 66: Stronger Together w/ The Admins of The Women of Netrunner Facebook Group
We chat with the the admins of The Women of Netrunner Facebook Group about making the community more inclusive.

Fun Episodes

Episode 78: Pack Notes
Alex White and Don Bowden join us for a fun chat about cards and what makes a successful Netrunner partnership. With hilarious results.

RLC@Worlds 2016 - Episode 2: Check in No. 1
One of our best and drunkest recordings from Worlds 2016. Dave Hoyland and Seamus bring all the fun. With hilarious results.

Episode 27: Some Order, Mostly Chaos
Eady is in charge and it all goes wrong! With hilarious results.

Episode 47: Run the Gauntlet
An early Lane appearance with hilarious results.

Episode 18: Quandaries and Answers w/ Quintin Smith
An oldie but a goodie. We are joined by Quinns again to talk Netrunner. With sexy results.