Monday, 2 March 2015

Episode 27: Some Order, Mostly Chaos

In this episode our heroes are talking Order and Chaos as well as the Brighton Store Championship. We have a very orderly chat about the tournament as well as the new Weyland card. Then highly Chaotic liquids are ingested and it all gets a bit silly. Was that a good idea? I don’t know! Your ears will have to decide.

People Chris forgot to thank in the show:
  • Benton for his excellent Keyhole\cutlery advice.
  • calimsha for his excelling deck building skills.


  1. One further note about Gravedigger: the text says, "Whenever an installed Corp card is trashed". So this power activates whenever the Corp does the trashing, too, whether they trash an ICE to lower the cost of a new ICE, or they remove a failed trap, or the Self Destruct... Free milling for all!


    Hear me out, though I'm aware this will never work.

    Hostile Takeover scored
    Jackson installed
    Orion advanced by 6 (or any 3 ice advanced by 2)
    Government Takeover + Biotic Labor + Power Shutdown + Accelerated Diagnostics in hand
    8c in the bank

    Click 1 - Biotic Labor
    Click 2 - Power Shutdown all
    Action - Jackson back the Trick of Lights
    Click 3 & 4 - Mushroom No Shroom the Government Takeover
    Click 5 - Accelerated Diagnostics the 3 ToL to advance GT to 9 in 1 turn