Netrunner Worlds 2016

At Netrunner Worlds 2016 we were on the front line. Pounding the streets, searching for the scoops, all for you dear listener. Below is the fruit of our labours and we hope you enjoy them.

Run Last Click @ Worlds 2016

Episode 1: Intro

Recorded just after we arrived in the USofA. We talk our top Worlds strats with David Etherington, Brian Biggs and Johno from the Dead Channel podcast.

Episode 2: Check in No. 1 w/ Dave Hoyland and Seamus 

Recorded the evening before the Ice Breaker Tournament just after a Surly Brewery Tour... Oh dear. We are joined by Dave Hoyland (3 time top 8 Worlds competitor) and Seamus (Scottish Regional winner).

Episode 3: Interview w/Timmy Wong and Spags

Recorded the morning of the Ice Breaker Tournament with Timmy Wong (3 time top 8 Worlds competitor) and Spags (previous top 16 Worlds competitor and King of Servers organiser).

Episode 4: Check In No. 2 w/ Dave Hoyland, Seamus and Chris Dyer

Recorded the evening after day one of Worlds with Dave Hoyland, Seamus and Chris Dyer (Spoilers: Now Current World Champion!)

Episode 5: Interview w/ Dan D'Argenio and John Treviranus

Recorded the morning after the Worlds Final. Dan D'Argenio (2 time World Champion) and John Treviranus (Top 16 Worlds competitor and Duelyst Designer).

Episode 6: Check In No. 3 w/ Dave Hoyland, Seamus, Chris Dyer and Ben Ni

Recorded the evening after day Worlds with Dave Hoyland, Seamus, Chris Dyer and Ben Ni (Worlds finalist and YouTube Content Creation Master)

RLC@Worlds 2016 - FFG Chats: Lore w/ Katrina Ostrander and Dan Clark

Recorded Recorded during the lunch break of Worlds day 1. We sit down and chat Android Netrunner lore with two of the people that know it the best, Katrina Ostrander (Fiction editor for FFG) and Dan Clark (Writer and Game Designer for FFG). What better people to talk John Hackman with?

Episode 7: Wrap Up and Thank Yous

Recorded back home in the UK. Sorting out some loose ends and thanking many nice people.

RLC@Worlds 2016 - FFG Chats: Red Sand Spoilers w/ Damon Stone

Recorded during the Top 16 cut of Worlds. We sit down with Damon Stone (Lead Developer of Netrunner) and chat about some of the spoiled cards from the upcoming Red Sand cycle.

RLC@Worlds 2016: Outtakes/Bloopers

Stupid s#%t that didn't fit anywhere else.

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