Monday, 16 February 2015

Episode 26: Prepaid Kate

In this episode In this episode our heroes discuss the modern marvel that is Prepaid Kate. The deck club has been released on the world and we are reaping its ruinous effects. We have reports from many salty and seasoned combatants. Do not worry friends your good work will not go unsung! Also we chat about Order and Chaos AND announce the winner of the latest competition.  Could a pod hold much more casting? Possibly!

Card Art Competition Winner and Runners Up

Listeners were asked to recreate a card art in the real world and the results were brilliant. Thank you everyone for entering this competition. We enjoyed each and every picture we revived but there can only be one...

Monday, 2 February 2015

Deck Club: Prepaid Kate

The very second Deck Club is at hand! This time with the might of Prepaid Kate

Episode 25: Tournament Archetype

In this episode our heroes discuss the popular decks seen at tournaments AND that is kind of it. Anything more I write here would just be filler really. So even though I normally have a decent amount of text to describe the show I’ve totally done that in one sentence. Making any addition superfluous. Bummer.