Thursday, 17 November 2016

RLC@Worlds 2016 - Second Batch of Audio Now Live

A fresh batch of Worlds has appeared!

We have a chat with returning guests Dave Hoyland and Seamus but also Chris Dyer, Dan D'Argenio and John Treviranus. Will Netrunner ever be the same again? Yes.

Run Last Click @ Worlds 2016

All audio, once released, will be on the RLC Worlds 2016 page.

Episode 4: Check In No. 2 w/ Dave Hoyland, Seamus and Chris Dyer

Recorded the evening after day one of Worlds with Dave Hoyland, Seamus and Chris Dyer (Spoilers: Now Current World Champion!)

Episode 5: Interview w/ Dan D'Argenio and John Treviranus

Recorded the morning after the Worlds Final. Dan D'Argenio (2 time World Champion) and John Treviranus (Top 16 Worlds competitor and Duelyst Designer).

Coming Soon...

  • Check in No. 3 w/ Dave Hoyland, Seamus, Chris Dyer and Ben Ni - After Worlds
  • Red Sand spoilers w/ Damon Stone (Lead Developer of Netrunner)
  • Lore Chat w/ Katrina Ostrander (Fiction editor for FFG) and Dan Clark (Writer and Game Designer for FFG)
  • Wrap Up and Thank Yous
  • Outtakes/Bloopers

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