Monday, 24 August 2015

Episode 39: Core, Blimey!

In this episode our heroes are joined by their chum Kev. This week’s episode goes out to all you lovely beginners out there. If you've got a core set and are wondering what is next, this one is for you. We talk about what data packs to get; what to expect from your first tournament and thing we wish we’d known when we first started. It’s a literal smorgasbord of information!

Links To Beginner Tournaments

Leeds Netrunner Beginners Tournament - 29th August 13:30
Left Bank Leeds

"For all you new players that have got into the game recently, this is the tournament for you! You only need the base set to play, and it is aimed at novice players to come along and just have some fun.

The tournament will be hosted at Leeds MeepFest - the Leeds Board Game Festival, which is a full day of board gaming including demonstrations from publishers and prizes to be won. MeepFest is £3 (profits going to charity) and our tournament will be free once you are in.

To play you need:
► A Runner and Corp deck built from one copy of the core set only
► To be familiar with the rules, but not an expert - I will be there to answer questions :)
► A ticket to MeepFest"

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