Monday, 10 August 2015

Episode 38: Archived Memory Lane

In this episode our heroes are looking at oldie but sorta alright-ie cards. Cards that were maybe disregarded when they first came out. Cards that maybe make a bit more sense in the current meta. Cards so good they make you want to write the word cards at the beginning of sentences. Cards that you already have access to, at no additional charge.

Links To Beginner Tournaments

Hadrian's Wall Tournament - 13th September at 10:00
The Victoria Park Hotel

"We'll be playing five or six rounds of Swiss depending on numbers. There'll be no cut to keep things fun rather than grueling and so we can all finish at the same time. The venue is the Victoria Park Hotel where the Scottish Regional was held. It's a very nice place with a stocked bar and hot food, and plenty of natural light. There's also on site parking."

Introduction to Netrunner - 16th August at 11:00
Variant Edition Comics & Culture

"Join us for an introduction to Fantasy Flight Game's excellent living card game. 

On hand will be players from the Edmonton Netrunner community to help guide your first few runs. To share wisdom of agenda management. And if you dare, to test your wits against in friendly competition. 

The event will feature:
- Free stuff! No really, free stuff! Free! Stuff! Specifically stuff that is Netrunner cards. Hopefully enough to give everyone that comes a small taste of the game and get you started.
- New player aids. Stuff us old-timers WISH we could have had when we were first figuring out this game.
- Giveaways! More free stuff! Raffles for bigger stuff!
- The wonderful event space of Variant Edition and their friendly staff.
- Tables to play Netrunner! Because playing on the floor sucks."

London Summer Netrunner Tournament - 23rd August at 11:00
Dark Sphere Game Centre

"Dark Sphere's summer GNK will be slightly different this time around - there will be two tournaments run simultaneously. One will be a regular, full card pool tourney. The other will be a beginner friendly tournament, where you will be restricted to 1 core and 1 deluxe expansion.

Prizes will be from the Summer Game Night kit - shown above.. In addition, the best performing newbie will receive a copy of the almost impossible-to-find Opening Moves Data Pack."

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  1. I had attended London Summer Netrunner Tournament last year with my cousin and loved being part of it. Last week, I was busy in arranging engagement party of my sister at one of Event Space and won't be able to attend it.