Monday, 14 September 2015

Episode 40: Old Hollywood

In this episode our heroes discuss the “newest” data pack Old Hollywood. Now I don’t want to Spoilers anything but Eady had a Casting Call with Ronald Five and the Film Critic loves it! I must say having all these Paparazzi around has gone to his head. He met a Drug Dealer and now I think he needs some help. The stress has gotten to him. He’s in a bad way. It’s hard to watch... ALSO! We are joined by our esteemed chum Ian to talk tournaments and his Tokyo Netrunner adventures.


  1. Ian - your appraisal of the Tokyo netrunner community is spot on, and thank you for the kind words. As well as the weekly meetup, monthly tournaments (10-12 players) are also held at Gamespace Kashiwagi near Shinjuku. The game will be officially released in Japanese later this year which will open it up to a much wider audience locally. The translation is a little tricky, Im sure you can appreciate the difficulty they have with Click and Crick! Anyway, do pop by next time you are in Tokyo - here is a picture from the night in question :)

  2. I'm jealous of Tokyo netrunners. Really looking forward to Japanese localization to get some players around here. I play paper netrunner with friends using my cards only. I think that there aren't players in town (a google search of 'Fukuoka netrunner' turns up my netrunnerdb profile). Dying to have a proper meetup for the first time. Anyway, there are probably better places to say this, but if anyone sees this and is in Fukuoka, let's get in touch (I'm thopol on stimhack).

    Shit, maybe I'll go to Tokyo if there's a tournament. Nowadays we've got Peach wicked cheap.