Saturday, 17 September 2016

MS Paint Competition Winner and Runners Up

Listeners were asked to create Netrunner card art in MS Paint (or MS Paint equivalent software) and they did not disappoint. Many weird and wonderful entries later there can be only one...


Well done to Graeme for creating this spectacular Gila Hands Arcology. This one made me smile the most so it wins! The windows aren't the same size and the grass doesn't go all the way to the edge. Amazing!

Runner Up

Ok. Maybe there can be two winners. Daniel's Khan was just too good not to give a prize to and with a Chameleon alt art taboot. Wonderful stuff.

Main Gallery

Thank you everyone who entered. I enjoyed going through all the entries. I have included them all below for your viewing pleasure. May I suggest you listen to this song while you peruse the many galleries.





Alt Art Cards




Interpretive Gallery

Black Cat

 Diwan From Memory

Swift Gallery

Minimalist Gallery


 MS Word Shapes Gallery



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