Monday, 12 September 2016

Episode 64: Blood Money

In this episode our heroes are joined by the pilot of the most successful Biotech deck the world has ever seen, Simon Castle (11th at UK Nats)! Together we ask what's the bloody deal with this new bloody pack Blood Money? Will the conversation come freely or will it be like getting blood from a stone? *Please now insert your own sentence involving blood... and maybe involving vampires.* Too bloody right that person!

Link To Art Competition Entries

Can be found here.

Link Tournament

Netrunner BABW tournament for women and non-binary people!
25th September
Scenario, London

"This is a preliminary tournament for Bring Another Brit to Worlds, organised by the Android Netrunner Player's Circuit. The top 1-3 contenders (depending on tickets sold) will win a spot at the Grand Final on the 23rd of October, and the winner of THAT will receive a subsidy covering costs for the Netrunner World Championships in Minnesota... If you don't think you'll make top 1-3, please come anyway! In addition to the BABW final spaces available we'll have a bunch of other prizes."

Facebook Event:

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