Monday, 15 February 2016

Episode 50: Kala Ghoda

In this episode our heroes are celebrating two years of podcasting with a bumper crop of features. Kala Ghoda card talk; a Q&A; Eady being in charge; drinking; that bit after the outro which is sometimes sort of funny; something else we've done before probably. All this for the low, low price of a single click from your mouse.


  1. Thanks for another great episode!

  2. Most important moment:

    Chris: Did you ever see Short Circuit 2, Eady?

    Eady: No.

  3. The best thing that FGG could do is release a new improved core set.

    They could draw upon the current total card pool and build some really awesome starter decks.

    I'm talking decks that from word go work great and could win a store tournament in the right hands.

    A new rulebook would also be a must.

    It's either that OR release pre-built starter decks for each faction that help a runner get up and going faster.

    They shouldn't be afraid of putting extra cards into the card pool, I'm sure every one would be cool with extra I've had worse or Jackson's.

  4. Hey, thanks for the shoutout about Dedicated Ceremony! I love listening to Run Last Click when I'm dealing with my Dirty Laundry and the fact that you liked my Unorthodox Predictions gives me the Motivation to make more. Thanks for the bumper episode as well - that must've been fun to edit.