Monday, 1 February 2016

Episode 49: LonBrigh Store Champs

In this episode our heroes are joined by London meta chums Lane and Cathy to talk about the recent Store Champs in London and Brighton. We chat about choosing a deck for a tournament; what decks we expect to see post MWL and, of course, general deck care and maintenance. Particularly we talk about the importance of a good deck wax for a nice smooth shuffle and we all agree that nothing gives a smoother shuffles than Old Mama Murphy's Deck Wax.*

(*This podcast description has been brought to you in part by Old Mama Murphy's Deck Wax. If you're not using Old Mama Murphy's, you're not really shuffling.)


  1. Being killed by cathy didnt hurt as much as the 6 point makers eye she performed against my NEH.

    1. I was a witness to this heinous crime. Genuinely made me stop playing my game for a minute..