Monday, 16 March 2015

Episode 28: ChinWag City Grid

In this episode our heroes are down by one, with Eady being off with the lurgy. Saving Chris from a decent into solitary madness is special guest Char. They discuss: Netrunner, more Netrunner, the state of the European Union, the legacy of Mr. Motivator. And if that wasn’t enough Chare shares with us her experiences of organizing a Netrunner event. Booyah!


  1. Lol, I see you found the weakness of my Government Takeover in 1 turn.

    Gimme another go.

    Any 1+ point agenda scored.

    Jackson on board.

    Accelerated Diagnostics, Power Shutdown, Biotic Labor in hand.

    8 credits.

    Biotic Labor (4 clicks, 4 credits)

    Power Shutdown everything. (3 clicks left, 3 credits)

    Jackson back Biotic Labor, Interns, Reclamation Order.

    AD to Interns a Jackson, Biotic Labor, Reclamation Order back all your Diagnostics (3 clicks, 3 credits)

    Jackson back Interns, Shipment from San San, Government Takeover.

    AD to Interns your 3rd Jackson, Interns Goverment Takeover, Shipment for San San (2 click, 2 credits left, 2 advancements on GT)

    AD to triple SfSS (1 click, 1 credit, 8 advancements on GT)

    Advance GT and score for the win!

    That works, right?

    1. Wait, second Jackson should read,

      Interns, Interns, Shipment from San San.

  2. Already have a Jackson installed.

    Click 0: Biotic Labor
    Click 1: Power Shutdown the whole deck
    --Jackson in Interns, Interns, and Shipment from SanSan
    Click 2: Accelerated Diagnostics
    ----Install Jackson Howard
    ----Install Government Takeover
    --Shipment from SanSan
    ----Advance Government Takeover twice
    --Jackson three Shipments back in
    Click 3: Accelerated Diagnostics
    --3x Shipment from SanSan
    ----Advance Government Takeover six times
    Click 4: Advance Government Takeover.

    Correct me if I'm wrong.