Monday, 2 February 2015

Episode 25: Tournament Archetype

In this episode our heroes discuss the popular decks seen at tournaments AND that is kind of it. Anything more I write here would just be filler really. So even though I normally have a decent amount of text to describe the show I’ve totally done that in one sentence. Making any addition superfluous. Bummer.


  1. Not sure how good my Noise is going to be now, which is strange because of all the new virii.

    The problem with Crypsis as a breaker is there will be a bunch of players using Swordsman to deal with Eater, which shuts down Crypsis. So for Swordsman and Architect I need a Mimic (everything else can be dealt with). Parasite might deal with Swordsman (clone chip, 1 on Hivemind and a Grimoire out = no problem).

    Blue Sun is very happy when the game slows and breaking a Curtain Wall is very hard as Noise, so need D4v1D.

    Then Maxx again is causing problems in that Corps will run Crisium Grid which will stop that 1 big Medium dig that you need at the end.

    Valencia means Elizabeth Mills and Corps will happily give themselves a bad pub to a non-running Noise deck if they can get rid of Aesops.

    So I really have to change how to mill significantly or change what Noise does, so am testing 2 quite a lot.

    1. Is back just to as many virii as I can. There are a lot more so Mass Install, Autoscripter, and back to Wyldside (Earthrise Hotel was not a strong enough long term replacement). Money can be an issue long term, so Liberated Accounts can boost it back up, Day Job isn't so good once Wyldside is out and provides less control over spending clicks. The real problem is whether to run at all and if to have any breakers. Chances are this deck won't be able to mill fast enough to really cause a problem to NEH or Blue Sun, the Jinteki decks that sit back and install all their traps may fall to it though.

    2. Shaper Bullshit. Targeted runs are the order of the day. I've got 2 SMCs, 2 Clone Chips, and a Chakana in there. Need 3 Cyberfeeders for money though as there is no room for Aesops. Still reliant on a bunch of virii but this time you're bringing out what you need when you need it. This is the only version I run Djinn in. Destroy ICE where you can and again really use Virus Breeding Ground and Hivemind for Nerve Agent or Medium. Imp away any vital parts for Scorched Earth or Biotic Labor. Much trickier to use well but can catch people off guard.

  2. 4 guys came down from Birmingham!

    Donald B 2nd,
    Alex W 3rd,
    Andrew H, 4th

  3. Hi guys, Alex here, the NEH pilot that Eady played in London. I'd just like to point out that I only scored the Astro on turn 1 (with Biotic Labour and Shipment from SanSan) because I had no ice in hand after a mulligan. I generally wouldn't recommend doing it, especially when you're against Shaper and they might have Indexing.

  4. If FFG continues with zodiac ICE, I think we should petition for the following to be the flavor text for Leo...

    "It looked really small and cute, but then you realize it isn't small. It is a big cat with no tail.