Monday, 16 February 2015

Card Art Competition Winner and Runners Up

Listeners were asked to recreate a card art in the real world and the results were brilliant. Thank you everyone for entering this competition. We enjoyed each and every picture we revived but there can only be one...



Congratulations to Tom for this lovely Exploratory Romp. Chaos Theory is having a whale of a time riding across this dreamlike landscape on the hunt for adventure. If she gets hungry on the way she could totally knock up a half decent paster sauce with that fresh basil. What a treat.

Runners Up

Andrew did a very edible Refractor and Ekomind. They are closer to the original art than any food has being. Most excellent.

David gives us Shipment from Mirrormorph and Corroder. The Corroder shows that even simple ideas can come out great. Made with just a well chose object; clever lighting and looking fab.

Now this, this is just stupid clever. An ingenious take on the theme. But what happens when Wyrm becomes the new tier one deck archetype... It's probably a risk worth taking.

Ve (left) is Instagramming her new tea cup giraffe sent to her by a lovely Japanise company. Enrico (right) is finishing his perm when Valentina come busting in. How rude. I wouldn't stand for that sort of nonsense Enrico!

Andy (left) straining with, what I hope is, intense hacking concentration. Simon's friend (right) is getting ready to fast track that astroscript pilot program into production.

FancyWookiee (left) found a read life Pop-up Window. The dystopian future is now. Ian (right) used the same card for inspiration. Please send Ian one credit if you looked directly into his eye. Thank you.

Steve's friend (left) is having reality itself augmented the around her. Daniel (right) created this marvellous HQ Interface shot. With the lovely touch of a custom Weyland mug in the background. 

John pulled out all the stops to make this incredibly detailed Dinosaurus. Check out the wires; stickers in the background and smiley face screen. Top notch!

Damian discovered that his child was creating advanced hacking tools! Here is a picture of a rudimentary Parasucker rig he found in the toy box. You did the right thing bringing this to my attention Damian. The proper authorities have been informed.

Jaffer is an Event Coordinator for Fantasy Flight. He is also the model for Donut Taganes and the above is the reference photo that Matthew Zeilinger used to create the image. I wonder, do you have to pay a credit more for operations and events when he Jaffer in the room? What happens when he is standing in the door way to the room? I hope this is cleared up in the next FAQ. Get on it Lukas! The people need to know.

Best in Show

It turns out Run Last Click listeners have some very cute pets.

David's cat is called Merlin. He is in a Netrunner box. There is a Netrunner card called Merlin. He is not ICE and cannot do net damage.

Damian's cat is full of stealth. Dark like night and silent like a fox with five legs.

Shane, Maurice, John, Tim, Enrico and Valentina share with us the terrifying sight of their three headed dogs born with only one head. Unnatural!

Extra Content

Pboyle shares with us a very cute hand made Darwin. Do you have it in you to look into it's eyes and say you're clearing virus counter? Could you make this whale bear that sad?


  1. I really wish Merlin and Excalibur had the text switched. Then I could say Merlin is so cute the runner contemplates life hacking into servers as they do not want to hurt Merlin's feelings. Merlin loves getting into boxes and the cards were already taken out of the box. I just wanted to share a photo of my cat in a Netrunner box.

    1. And what a picture it is. Thank you for sharing David.

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