Monday, 21 July 2014

Episode 12: Deutschland Reversal

In this episode our heroes are are reunited once again in this landmark dozenth episode. Eady regales us with his Deutschland Netrunner exploits. Who he met and what he did to them. Also decks are discussed; listener's e-mails are read and we announce our new 'Deck Club' feature.


  1. Thanks for mentioning my Tennin deck guys. You only actually need to you use one trick of light to score a Future Perfect if no-one run at you; Tennin advance for free, trick of light for your first click and then double advance for your last two.


    1. Oh year. Still a ballsy move. Well played sir.

  2. Thanks. The other star performer is unorthodox predictions. You want to score it with a Tennin advancement so you have one click to put another agenda (ideally Nisei Mk II) in the server. You make sentry unbreakable with the unorthodox predictions ability and they may not run for fear of nasty sentry ice, if they do hopefully its into an unbreakable archer that you forfeit the predictions to rez.