Monday, 24 October 2016

Episode 67: Escalation

In this episode our heroes are joined by Lane to discuss the newest data pack which is named after metal stairs that ascend you out of train stations in Europe and possibly other places. Seems a bit odd but there you go... wait... it's -tion not -ors isn't it... Well I'm not writing this again.

PSA: We are going to Worlds so for a while the usual release schedule is out the window! We are doing recordings while there but between travelling and not knowing how much work the audio will need episodes are going to be sporadic. I'll try and keep you updated via the social medias. Hopefully it will be worth the extra wait. Lots of love, Chris x

Charity Events

GvsC Android: Netrunner 2016
13 November
Garden Court, University of Southampton

Gaming vs. Cancer is proud to announce the return of our popular Android: Netrunner tournament!

It will once again be a random ID tournament. Players will be assigned a random Corp and Runner ID after their ticket purchase, which they can then use to build their decks for the event... All money raised goes to Cancer Research UK and is used for life saving research.

Facebook Event:

Charity Gift II - 2016 Android: Netrunner Charity Tournament
19 November
Patriot Games, Sheffield

This tournament is intended as a relaxed, casual event, and an opportunity for us to make a donation to the Sheffield Children's Hospital Charity which provides, over the Holiday period, for a huge number of seriously ill children.

**The ID Auction**

To enter this tournament, rather than paying a fee and turning up with your decks on the day, things are going to be running a little differently.

Using the online silent auction site, I'll be listing over the course of two weeks, 2 sets of 16-item auctions, each containing a pair of Identities, one known, one hidden. The first week will list 16 Corp IDs with hidden Runner IDs, and the second week 16 Runner IDs with hidden Corp IDs. Each pairing will come with a cryptic title which should allude to the identity of the hidden ID. The winners of each auction must use the two listed IDs as their IDs for this tournament.

**Tournament Format**
The tournament will be 6 rounds of Swiss with prizes determined by ranking after the 6th round.

**What's on offer?**
Currently, just for winning any auction, you will receive a pair of custom-made alt-art cards for your faction.

In addition to this, there are many cool prizes donated by the community including alt-arts, deck boxes and art prints.

Facebook Event:

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