Monday, 13 June 2016

Episode 58: The Quick and the Dead

In this episode our heroes are joined by Scottish Regionals Champ Seamus. The man who puts the Arg! in Argus shares with us his war stories from the tournament as well as why with his decks it’s best to be aggressive b-e aggressive b-e a-g-g-r-e-s-s-i-v-e aggressive b-e aggressive! (clap clap)!

The Quality Time Netrunner Gala Day

Check out the Netrunner Gala if you are near:

The Victoria Park Hotel
221 Ferry Road

It's going down 10am-7pm (ish) on the 17th of July, 2016.

For fun and frolics including but not limited to:

  • A teaching table: if you have a friend you’ve been trying to get into the game, or are a new Netrunner player yourself, experienced Edinburgh players will be on hand with teaching decks throughout the day, eager to introduce people to this fantastic hobby.
  • A draft using Black Lion’s cube: if you haven’t played Netrunner in draft-format before you’re missing out. Forget agonising over whether John Masanori or Earthrise Hotel will be your 45th card; try agonising over whether Deep Thought or Tri-Maf Contact is likely to be more of a liability in bringing you to the requisite 30.
  • Step up to the Jank table: here you can face off against one of the country’s finest brewers of nonsense – the winner here isn’t the person who scores seven agenda points, it’s the person who makes their opponent laugh the most.
  • All this relaxation and camaraderie lulling you to sleep? Give yourself a jolt at the winner-stays-on ID-Swap challenge table. If you think you’ve got a switch that would break the game here’s where to find out if you’re right.
  • A Netrunner quiz: test your knowledge of the game and the world in which it takes place!
  • A friendly and safe space to play: if you want to grab a fresh face for a game, we’ll have tables set up to let you do that, and rules experts (nerds) around to help you with any queries. It'll be a great chance to get a fresh pair of eyes on your latest tournament deck to help you tune it or marvel at the bizarre combo you've built.
  • Maybe “Guess the weight of the Dinosaurus”? This last one is reliant on Seamus learning how to bake cakes

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