Monday, 14 March 2016

Episode 52: Kool and the Gang Signs

In this episode the part of Eady will be played by Lane. They are both actually called Tom so that makes the paperwork easier. We talk about cards that aren't talked about enough. Cards that aren't played enough. Cards that have yet to feel the genial caress of a pro-matte sleeve.


  1. My Custom Biotics is a rush/FA deck. Originally it spent a lot of the influence on SanSans. I switched out the SanSans for extra biotics and so now most of the influence is spent on lots of unconditional operation money (for example sweeps and um, beanstalk) to pump out the agendas quickly. And yes, every version of it has run 3x Architect and 3x Eli. I did try the Mandatory Upgrades-Media Blitz jank in it to but that didn't really work out.

  2. (And no it's not nearly as good as just doing rush and/or FA in NBN and it probably never will be.)