Monday, 18 January 2016

Episode 48: Most Wanted

In this episode our heroes are joined by David Hoyland of "agenda behind only an Ichi at Worlds" fame to discuss The Most Wanted List and his infamous Endless Waltz Leela deck. In fact that deck is the star of the latest Deck Club! If you want in then you just play the deck over the next few weeks and send us your thoughts (check website for details). Counting to three and spinning in circles for a very long time has never been so fun!


  1. Thanks for doing this interview Dave! The insight you have provided on this deck type has been invaluable to me as I go into my first Store Champions run playing Waltz.

  2. The show goes from strength to strength - love the Deck Club - and great to hear from Dave. He got me into playing Noise after his success in 2014 and he's got my colleague (new to the game) playing Leela. Thanks Dave! Hope you get a shot at the title this year ^^. Oh and looking forward to seeing you guys in Brighton this weekend - I think I was the only person to take a game off you last time around Chris - so look forward to playing you again hopefully ;)

  3. .... And then we never heard the joke!!! What was it?!

    1. You did. It was just such a non joke you missed it ;). During the episode I talk about Astro having "influence" now so it can be splashed