Monday, 23 November 2015

Episode 45: Top of the Worlds

In this episode our heroes are joined by a most excellent member of Team GB's Worlds team Laurie Poulter. Laurie gives us the low-down of what went down at Worlds. Then we glide in liquid smooth to a discussion about the current bestest deck. It's not to be missed! Unless you want to miss it. Both options are things you can do!

Link To Tournament

The Second Inter-City Friendly Tournament
16th January
The Victoria Park Hotel, Edinburgh

"Once again teams from across the country will be invited to compete for the honour of hosting the next tournament and the incredibly desirable Inter-City Trophy.

If you’d like to enter:

  • Get yourself a team of four Netrunners
  • Have represented within your team each of the seven factions with the fourth runner being your choice of one of the new mini-factions coming in Data & Destiny
  • Email the following address telling us you’d like to enter:

Once you’ve done that all that remains is to join us on the 16th of January at the lovely Victoria Park Hotel in Edinburgh, which serves food and drink all day."

Facebook Event:
Full Details:

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