Monday, 12 October 2015

Episode 42: The Universe of Tomorrow

In this episode our heroes glimpse into the future with The Universe of Tomorrow. Did you know that in the future everyone’s hands will be much bigger; card draw will be plentiful, whether you want it or not; the Worlds Plaza will display many beautiful eggs in one giant basket; and bookmarks will be very confusing. Some people will defend their usefulness but no one will be convinced. What a time to be alive!

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Links To Charity Tournaments

Gaming vs. Cancer
7th November
University of Southampton

"Gaming vs. Cancer is an annual tabletop gaming event which raises money for Cancer Research UK and this year we're running our first ever "Android Netrunner Medical Research Fundraiser". It's a random ID tournament taking place on November 7th at Southampton University. We have tons of prizing including a full subscription to the Mumbad Cycle for the winner, £20 BoardGameGuru voucher for second place, and we have Sure Gamble and Hedge Fund cards signed by Lukas and Damon for the top eight players. There are also door prizes for every player and custom playmates up for grabs.

Facebook Event:
Full Details:"

Charity Gift
28th November
The Brew House, Sheffield, S Yorks S1 4HP

"This tournament is intended as a relaxed, casual event after the stresses of Store Champs, Regionals, Nationals around Europe and Worlds, and an opportunity for us to make a donation to a charity here in Sheffield which provides over the Holiday period for a huge number of seriously ill children.

100% of the total entry fee raised by the ID Auction will be donated directly to the Sheffield Children's Hospital Charity (details here and is a fully registered charity event with the hospital.

To enter this tournament, rather than paying a fee and turning up with your decks on the day, things are going to be running a little differently.

Using the online silent auction site, I'll be listing a series of ID pairings, runner and corp, over the month leading up to the tournament. To enter the tournament, you simply have to win one of these auctions, but you must play those IDs that you won on the day as your corp and runner factions.

Full Details:"

Links To Decks That We Were Mean About

The Professor 

"Here's a Professor deck that works! I win with it quite a bit locally and on OCTGN...
The deck is quite strong. Much potential for Shaper Bullshit.

Stirling and Drug Dealer

"Here's my Iain Stirling deck list:

I run a single Drug Dealer, tutored with Hostage if required. The main idea is to get that automatic draw, with the cost offset by a full suite of Underworld Contacts and Data Folding. I also have Film Critic in there to keep Iain's ability turned on, although didn't worry about that so much in the late game when I had a few UW/DF installed.

A single Drug Dealer on the table has prevented me from being flatlined by Jinteki PE twice! Players look at how many cards I have in hand at the end of my turn, do the mental arithmetic, and ready their kill cards. I draw a card at the start of their turn, their little face falls, and the wind goes out of them as they realise that they're one net damage short of victory."

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