Monday, 13 July 2015

Episode 36: Floor-Rule Arrangements

In this episode our heroes are joined by the lovely Quintin Smith. Together we hang the topic piñata of tournament judging in our back garden. Then each wielding a stick of discussion we have at it until it gives up its tasty opinion sweets. Also new Hackman! Hurray! But it's not as good as the last one! Boo! But Quinns does one of the voices! Hurray!


  1. Great podcast! - although the beginning of it was slightly embarrassing for me as I couldn't work out why the volume seemed so low. Then I realised that everyone in my office was staring at me and I didn't have my phones plugged in properly. That intro music is loud isn't it?

    The idea of casual tourneys is certainly the future of the hobby(/lifestyle) for me, at least the immediate future. We've started running monthly such nights at the Brighton Tues MeetUp :- 3 rounds of swiss, results of which are totted up every 3 months to bag the prizes. Only one so far, but we've had new players come and have plenty of fun, and it allows people to be as competitive as they like - either a one-off or an on-going series of good-natured grudgefests!. (3 rounds of Swiss is a perfect taster of what tournaments have to offer I think - loads of adrenalin but not too heavy on the fatigue )

    Sounds like the Edinburgh clan are also reaching for the same - perhaps slightly larger rainbow with their Hadrians Wall tourney. Kudos to them! - and of course to Quinns, who runs the best tourneys. I've been to two of em - this very first was my first tournament and the recent inter-regional team one was just hilarious and so much fun being able to root for your teammates instead of having to play them for a change. Can't recommend highly enough.

    Loved what you said about 'cheating out the last 3 points' being the key to playing Weyland. I'm taking Gagarin to our meetUp tonight and honestly - scoring out naked AstroScripts I'd installed on an earlier turn was the best fun I ever had out of NEH anyway :) Cortex Lock 1-of? how fun is that? STUPID fun! Seems like I may have found a spiritual home.

    Finally, I'd just like to add that the 'gangster' themed deck I'm taking out to play tonight was put together with a sense of theme rather than a sense of competition in mind. I'm hoping that each game is going to feel like a graphic novel written by Jonathan Ross, and with that in mind I'd like to ask you chaps, Hackman aside, how deeply into the thematic aspect of the game you like to delve? and perhaps to let us in on your favourite 'thematic' moment you've had during a game of Netrunner.

    Keep up the good work - hope to meet you again and run some more nets in the future :)


  2. The comments at 11:05 on player reactions were very funny guys!