Monday, 5 January 2015

Episode 23: Terminal Click

In this episode our heroes are joined by the exuberant members of Terminal 7, Nels Anderson and Jesse Turner. We all hop in the way back when machine to discuss the year of Netrunning just gone. What fond memories do we have of the last year; how has the game progressed and what cards did everyone go crazy for when announced but are now nowhere to be seen? Strap in!

(Also the audio on RLC’s end got messed up and it sounds a bit like we are down a well. Very sorry about that and it will be improved for next time.)


  1. Hi Guys,
    (Belated) Happy New Year!
    Must say I loved the the Christmas reading.You guys have really great voices for reading. If there were some Android/Netrunner fan fiction out there somewhere I'd love to hear you guys give it a go.
    This episode is great! Thanks for introducing me to Terminal 7, love to hear more netrunner (and their episode with Damon Stone was really interesting).
    Jack Weyland's not dead! see: - specifically the section titled "Dreams of the Infinite" (the Gargarin ID basically). What I infer is that until fairly recently in the lore he was chairing The Board (or had some form of veto).
    Also, I love Crisium Grid. But then again Off the Grid is my pet favourite card.

    I have to say I do like the episodes where there isn't just a breakdown of the latest datapack/expansion. I love hearing your thoughts on the new cards etc. and I understand that recording time is probably hard to come by but if you can squeeze in a few more episodes with general discussion, lore/world exploration, meta discussion, competitions/listener interaction, etc. that would be awesome!

    Great to see you back!

    PS - will there be any listener mail soon?

    1. Thanks for the feed back and good info on Mr. Weyland.

      I think moving forward we are rarely going to devote a whole episode of a datapack. It's easy content ;) but I agree they are not as interesting on the whole. We have plans! So many plans for this year. You don't even know!


      p.s. ok, we only have a few plans for shows but they are fun ones

    2. Totally understand Chris.
      Looking forward to those plans!