Monday, 13 October 2014

Decklist: Quinns' Tier One Nasir Deck

Quinns has very kindly shared his Nasir deck list with us. Any wins achieved by this deck are the property of SU&SD inc. All rights reverser.

Nasir Meidan: Cyber Explorer

Event (9)
3 Diesel
2 Infiltration
2 Quality Time
2 The Maker's Eye

Hardware (12)
2 Clone Chip
1 Dyson Mem Chip
2 HQ Interface
2 Plascrete Carapace
3 R&D Interface
2 The Toolbox

Resource (9)
3 Armitage Codebusting
1 Ghost Runner
2 Kati Jones
3 Personal Workshop

Icebreaker (6)
2 Corroder
1 Cyber-Cypher
1 Dagger
1 Deus X
1 Torch

Program (9)
3 Cloak
1 Imp
2 Rook
3 Self-modifying Code

Mulligan for Personal Workshop. Use Nasir's ability to get an unstoppable rig out quicker than usual. If you're not aware, Nasir can use paid abilities *before* he loses his money from ICE being rezzed, so you quickly dump your cash into a Workshop, Clone Chip or Self-Modifying Code then bounce right back up!

Clever corps will try to create scoring windows by slotting a new piece of ice on their scoring server, thereby draining your funds when you run it and leaving you unable to break the ICE behind it. You can avoid this by using Kati as an actual bank.

Pray you're not taking on an NBN or Jinteki deck that exclusively uses cheap ICE. Hell, just pray in general.

For a more fun, higher-calorie Nasir, substitute a Kati, R&D Interface and the Imp for an Order of Sol, Eden Shard and a Hades Shard.

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  1. Interesting breaker suite, I've previously stuck to Dagger and the "maintains strength" breakers like Battering Ram and Gordian Blade, but I might give Cyber-Cypher + Torch a crack.

    If you're having trouble with cheap ice, you absolutely need to add Parasite. You can bring it out at run-time from Clone Chip, SMC or the workshop, and blow it up before you encounter it. By itself you can avoid Pop-up, Pup and Quandary that way, but with Datasucker tokens you can skip a whole range of scary stuff. It's a pity that solutions always come back to Parasite+Datasucker, but there you go. I don't actually run Datasucker in my Nasir deck, so I don't feel too cheap about it.