Monday, 15 September 2014

Episode 16: Hit the Clicks

In this episode our heroes return with stories to tell from a tournament in Reading. Eady did well and Chris was there too. We also find out what achievements you lovely listeners sent in. Get it while it's hot!

Listener Achievements

  • We have all the time in the world - Take 10 clicks in a single term
  • Inside your mind - Win 5 Psi games in a row
  • In-depth profile - Tag the runner 10 times
  • Out of ideas - Win the game by decking the Corp
  • Comatose Code Cracker - Win the game with 4 or more brain damage
  • Life imitating art - Re-create a card’s artwork in the game state 
  • Out of the blue - Score 7 points in a single turn
  • In-house solution - Win using only in faction cards (neutrals cards not allowed)
  • Mistakes were made - Access 3 ambushes in a single turn
  • Behave, damn you! - Inflict all three types of  tag punishment on the runner in the same turn
  • Bull in a china shop - Trash 4 cards in a single run
  • The weapons of my enemy - As the runner, use an ice’s subroutines to your advantage
  • Overdoing It (either side) - Have 50 credits in your pool.
  • Basically a Vegetable (runner) - Win with a maximum hand size of 0.
  • Kinder and Gentler (Weyland/Jinteki) - Win a game with a deck that is incapable of doing damage.
  • Who needs money? (either) - Win with a deck that doesn't include Sure Gamble or Hedge Fund.
  • Glory Run (runner) - Win a game against Jinteki with zero cards in your hand.
  • Viruses aren't that bad (corp) - Win a game against Noise without ever clearing virus counters.

Reading League (Thanks Joe for the link):

Also additional tournament reports for the same day can be found here.

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