Monday, 18 August 2014

Episode 14: Feeling Supermodernism

In this episode Chris has to fend for himself as Eady is on holiday. Laying a trail of ingenious placed sweets he has tricked Tim and Ian back into the studio. This week we chat about the first Deck Club, Supermodernism! How we all found playing the deck and what listeners thought about it too.

Full discussions of the Supermodernism deck:
Alternative Reddit Deck Club

Also if you have a spare moment Tim and Ian will happily fill it will some Netrunner.


  1. Nice post, inspired me to make my own Postsupermodernism while I was listening. Will-o'-the-wisp and Taurus added to improve the runner hate, and Hive added to help score out an early Government Contracts, with the idea that when it becomes useless later in the game there are other ETR ice out.

    Slightly concerned that the economy might not be strong enough, but that's armchair speculation. I'll make sure to try it tonight!

    1. Interesting deck. I like the idea of Will-o'-the-wisp. It gets rid of programs but stops them using a clone chip to get it back out. Stuff with trash cost makes me a little nervous with so much bad pub about but let us know how it goes. Good luck!

  2. Thanks guys for the shout out! The deck club was a great time and I look forward to the next one. -Brad

  3. I played Martin in a couple of tournaments last year. I asked some of the guys who know him why he named his deck that. They said it's because, thematically, he plays Weyland to the hilt as a (super) modern, immoral corporation who'll do anything in pursuit of its agendas.

  4. Hello, you guys are my favorite Netrunner Podcast. Chris congratulations on getting married and Eady I hope you survived your music festival. Both are quite the challenge depending on crowd and environment. So I live in Puerto Rico at the moment and we have rather good group for Netrunner which we do Thursday nights. I joined this group in the spring of this year around May and that is when I was introduced to Netrunner. Our group has gone from glacial hour long games to where over the past few months of draft tournaments and friendly game nights we have all recently gotten to the point of easily finishing matches including both sides in under an hour. Over the month of August we did a four week "league" in which we did a four week long tournament involving prestige points and also achievements. These achievements where developed by Team Covenant I believe and the competition plus the store credit pay out of the weekly $5 buy in developed some interesting decks as well as increasing the local turnout. We have not had this many people show up ready to play on time with interesting decks before this development. We are looking forward to continuing this trend but with a few changes involving rotating the achievements each week and having a prize as before at the end of the month. My question I post to you guys and your readers is if you were to come up with some more achievements for us to complete and maybe others around the world what would you suggest. The idea of certain ones and how people go about them has been very interesting. Take for instance the Lab Grenade achievement which involves decking the corp. I built a Noise mill deck to try and run through the cards where as one of our local players Jorge built a Ivan mill deck with data selling to keep the cards flowing to complete the achievement. This has increased attendance and also developed some interesting challenges each week as we compete with each other. We are discussing continuing this trend over the month of September and maybe beyond but we need some new achievements. Could you two and your followers maybe come up with some interesting ones for us and possibly others to compete with each other. By the way Supermodernism is one of my favorite decks and I used the GRNDL Refinery version to complete that achievement as well as the win with less than 3 agendas scored. Thank you guys for providing such an interesting Podcast!

    San Juan, Puerto Rico

    Here is the list of Team Covenant Achievements we use for the month of August:

    Press Conference (Corp.) – Win with 5 or more Bad Publicity.
    The C.O.O. (Corp.) – Win with 3 or less agendas scored.
    The C.F.O. (Corp.) – Net 20 credits in 1 turn.
    Frozen (Corp.) – Win with a server containing 6 or more pieces of ice.
    Paralysis (Corp.) – Do 4 or more brain damage.
    The Minimalist (Runner) – Win without any programs installed.
    Lab Grenade (Runner) – Win by decking the corp.
    Robin Hood (Runner) – Win with at least 25 credits in your credit pool.
    Frank Abagnale (Runner) – Win with at least 7 link.
    Efficiency (Runner) – Win without taking the “Gain 1 credit” action.
    Neo Is My Bitch – Complete all corporation and runner achievements.

    1. TLDR: We had some fun achievements and intersting deck builds for month of August. Do you think you and your followers could come up with new achievements for the following months. It creates an intersting environment and fun decks on Netrunner night.

    2. Very cool. Thank you Lance for your kind words.
      We bring this up in the next episode.

      Surely there is room for a Run Last Click achievement? Not sure what deck you would build to make running last click every turn sensible...?