Beginner Resources

Welcome to the wonderful world of Netrunner! We have decided to collect a few resources for newer players below in the hopes that you find them helpful. Please to enjoy.

Beginner Focused Podcast Episode

Our latest beginner friendly podcast is all about what to do next after buying a Revised Core set. Plus tips and recommendations for people new to the game.

Episode 90: Revised Core - Beginner Special

We have also done a deck building episode with Ben Ni for when you want more information on that.

You can find Ben's Videos on YouTube on his Beyoken Channel.

Extra Beginner Resources

  • Team Covenant have done a Video Series for beginners that is very informative.

Pre-Rotation (October 2017) Beginner Focused Podcasts

We have done a couple of beginner focused episodes. Both of which are (hopefully) a good entry to the game.

Episode 19: Extra Credits

Episode 39: Core, Blimey!

Our friends at Terminal7 have also done this episode for newer players.

Episode 8: Eventually Your Breathing Will Stop

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